From Fear to Freedom – Jayasheela Gowda

From Fear to Freedom  – Jayasheela Gowda, Testimony

Name: Jayasheela

Profession: Actress (Small & Big screen). Has been in this industry since the past 6 – 7 years

Family: Belonged to Moolatham Hindu Family

Born: Was born in HombegowdanaDhodi Grama a district  in Mandya. She was brought up in this place and she was brought up in a strict village culture.

When she was studying in the 5th standard, she saw a shadow in a particular shape moving from one place to another in her house. And when she slept, she would experience a feeling – a feeling where someone would come and cause her pain/torture. This continued all through her school and even while she was in college. Due to this, she lived in fear and she was distressed and very weak at heart.

To gain freedom from this torturous feeling and to overcome this fearsome living, she would visit temples with her mother. She would go around the temple (a hindu prayerful act – going around the temple), do pooja and hold fasts as a sign of prayerfulness to over her issue. She even withheld several commitments and promises (basically promises to give something back to the deity/god/temple once she was cured). But she never found any solution through this and she lost her peace of mind.

Then questions started bothering her. She started asking the existence of God, “Is there a God? If yes, who is the real God? Will he deliver me from this problem I am going through?”.

One day, her college classmate told her about Jesus Christ. She asked here, “Jesus Christ is the God of Christians. Why do you worship Him?”. The her replied by saying, “Jesus Christ is God to whoever believes in Him. Jesus took the image of man, came to this world and lived here. And therefore, He understands the pain, problems and worries of humans”.

Then she started gaining interest to know more about Jesus. When she learned about the Love, Sacrifice and Forgiveness of Jesus, there was a change in her.

Jesus gave His life on the cross for all of us. He alone is the true God, alone is the Living God. This is the truth she learned and accepted.

The day she accepted Jesus, she experienced peace and happiness like never before in her life. Since Jesus lives, He is with her in all her situations (happiness and in sorrow) and this is experienced and she says with conformity. She experienced a new hope and a future.

The pain/torture she was experiencing since she was young now vanished and disappeared from her life and she gained freedom from what held onto her in the past. And she learned that it is “Jesus’ name” that has the strength and provides the strength to face such supernatural issues/problems. Ever since she accepted Jesus in her life, she experienced God’s blessings in her everyday life.

Coming from a small village, she has made herself a good name in this industry without anyone’s help. The only way this has been possible is because of Jesus. By believing in Jesus, your religion/caste/creed/race won’t change. Its is our life that is changed. And this is the pain undeniable truth that she has learnt.

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