Divine Deliverance – Divya Thangamma



I was born & brought up in an orthodox Hindu family, in a place called coorg. We are a family of 6, Dad (deaf & mute), Mom, elder brother Dinesh (Physically challenged) & 2 younger sisters Deepthy & Deepa.

As a child while going to school, few thoughts used to always bother me as to why my dad can’t hear & talk? Why my brother is not normal like us? He can’t play with us like my friend’s brother. I didn’t get this answer from anyone or anywhere, just accepted life as it was. We were a happy family, having huge coffee estate, paddy fields & a beautiful lake. Mom and dad bought all that we wanted, so we lacked nothing. As a child, I grew up following everything my parents & grandparents taught us.

Years passed by, I completed my 10th standard exams and wanted to study in Bangalore. Got admission in one of the good college in Bangalore, stayed in a hostel. I would visit my parents once in 2 or 3 months. Meanwhile back in Coorg, there were a lot of things that changed. My younger sister (Deepa) fell sick, she always complained of stomach pain, headache, she even used to fall unconscious at times. Dad & mom took her to all the doctors & hospital possible at Mysore, Coorg, Bangalore and all tests seemed to be normal. We had been to so many temples, did all sorts of puja and spent a lot of money. Things seemed to get worse, at that time finances were hit. Dad’s drinking & smoking increased, he was completely addicted to it and life completely took a different direction.

This went on for 2 long years, by then my second sister (Deepthy) Completed her 10th std. and shifted to Bangalore to continue her studies along with me in the same college. We moved to a paying guest, stayed there for 6 months and then we decided to shift to a rented place. Our search began and finally found a small cute place, a two bedroom house on the ground floor. On the first floor, we had a very nice lady (believer) staying with her family, who were the owners of that house. Looked like God had planned this house for us.

Through all the things that were going on back at coorg, things worsened. As we didn’t have a mobile, mom used to call on the landline that our owner had. She used to tell me all the things that were happening there, how tough my younger sister was finding to go to school, how tough it was to keep her at home, she was not able to walk, not able to eat, behaving very weird. I have seen, especially at 12 in the midnight lot of things used to happen, it was even horrible than a horror show, than I had seen on TV/movies, things were pretty bad. My dad & mom had decided to sell everything there and leave that place, as we got to know somebody had done witchcraft on us to destroy our entire family for the sake of the property. There were lot of things which we found around the house and inside the house. It was very scary to live in that house anymore.

They were taking her to hospitals and doctors were saying she was all fine & there was nothing wrong. We didn’t have any more finances to support her further. All these were piling up in my heart and that I couldn’t help my parents.

Meanwhile, back here in Bangalore, we both were going to college with a heavy heart. So, I decided to quit my studies and go there to support them to take care of the estate & the house. But, we had a very nice neighbour (owner aunty) as we used to call her, she used to cook for us, used to tell stories from the bible, we used to sit late nights with her on the terrace and listen to her whatever she shared. This went on, when one day I got a call at night from mom, I went to the first floor & picked up the call, I heard mom crying loudly, she was completely broken & shattered and in a shivering voice she told me “I have lost all hope, your youngest sister does not seem to be getting better, she is on the death bed, we have to just see her die, we can’t do anything anymore…” as soon as I heard this, I was shattered completely, my heart was so heavy, somehow I comforted my mom and kept the receiver down, came out and broke into tears. Our owner aunty who saw me, asked me why I was crying, so I told her everything what had happened back at Coorg. She suggested me to tell my dad & mom to bring my younger sister to Bangalore and there is a prayer group who will pray for us & they are Christians, I replied to her saying we have lost all hope, we don’t mind trying this last one. Then, I called up and told mom to come to Bangalore. When they came, we all went to this small house where worship was in Tamil, didn’t understand the language. As they were singing, I just looked at my sister, closed my eyes and started talking and said “I don’t know who you are, this is our last hope, we have just come here knowing that only you can set all things fine” as I said these, I just felt someone standing in front of me and laying hands on my head, my heavy heart just melted and I felt very light, tears rolled down my eyes. I opened my eyes to see who that was, no one was there and that minute, I knew my sister is healed.

We came back home, not even one sign of sickness my sister had, it was all fine, as though nothing had happened at all. I wanted to know more about the person I met during worship. That is when, a pastor from ‘New Life’ visited us and cleared all my doubts and answered all my questions, our life changed. The person whom I had met during the worship was Jesus Christ, our lord & saviour, who died for us on the cross. Our family is blessed knowing the truth, we sold the property in coorg and settled down in Bangalore. We bought a plot, constructed house, God has provided us everything. Dad stopped drinking & smoking, he is amazingly touched by God and he shares with all his friends. Deepthy and I, are running a Montessori school to impact young lives. All three of us (sisters) are married and blessed with wonderful husbands and children. Dinesh passed away last year, and he has gone to be with the lord. It’s been 10 years since we know the lord, we have seen many miracles, received many blessings from the lord. All glory to God.

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