Pastoral Team

Pastor V.M. Samuel & Somey Samuel (Senior Pastors)

Senior Pastor. VM Samuel & Somey Samuel

Pastors Sam & Somey are the Founders & Senior Pastors of the New Life Fellowship Church, South India & Middle East. Pastor Sam serves as the chairman of the NLF Trust and oversees more than 120 churches in the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu & in the Middle East.

Affectionately called Uncle Sam & Aunty Somey, they are Spiritual Parents to hundreds of individuals and couples who have also been recipients of their love and hospitality. Pastors Sam & Somey have been married for 34 years and have two daughters, Sandy & Serena. Sandy is married to Joel Jerome & they have a son, Judah. Serena is pursuing a career in journalism.


Pastor Sam Skaria & Feba

Pr. Sam skaria & Feba Sam

Pastors Sam & Feba have been married for about 8 years. God has blessed them with two children, Kenneth & Elizabeth. Sam is a graduate of the Faith Theological Seminary in Kerala, having completed his Bachelors in Theology in the year 2001. He has been with the New Life Fellowship since 2002 and currently serves as the Executive Pastor of the English congregation. He is primarily engaged in the teaching & preaching ministry of the church.

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