Where Fun Meets God | Enjoying God’s presence the JC Way

Junior Church is where every child would want to be on a Sunday morning! A church exclusively for children from 3 to 15 years of age, it is a vibrant and exciting place where children are taught the Word of God in an atmosphere of lively worship, creativity, action-packed games & lots more!


At NLF Junior Church, we relate to God through music, dance, and worship. Children here are taught the value of worshipping God every moment. JC has its own worship team with a lively band led by dynamic & experienced worship leaders. We encourage the children to be a part of the worship team and also lead their peers in worship

Junior Church places a high value on the Word of God. Our aim is to equip children to face challenges in life through the Word of God. Our vision is to see every child being transformed, living for Christ, and impacting the nation!

At Junior Church, we follow a syllabus with systematic lesson plans designed to impart Biblical knowledge and values to our children. The lessons are taught in a creative & innovative manner

The children are divided into eight classes according to their ages. Click here to see pictures of our classes in action. The syllabus for the classes from Toddlers to Juniors are oriented towards helping them to understand the concepts of creation, sin, redemption through stories and life-sketches. Our aim is to build an understanding of God and faith in our children as they move forward in life.

The lessons for Intermediates to Super Seniors are focused on the sharing of the Gospel. They are given in-depth studies on such topics as the Tabernacle, the Passover and their significance in today’s world. Life-sketches of Biblical characters are used to draw out principles for Christian living. Case studies from everyday life are also used to build up Christian values in the children and enable them to face challenges on their own.

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