“Get good grades” “Spend time with friends” “Make your parents proud” “Eat healthy” “Don’t relax until you’ve finished all of the above!” Sound’s stressful? But it doesn’t stop there. Added to these are other common problems like drugs, alcohol, family troubles, etc. that makes every teen feel overwhelmed. This is where a mentor can help! And NLF Teens Ministry has only been a huge blessing in my life. Like everybody else, growing up as a teen has only been a roller coaster ride for me. Facing day-to-day challenges, accepting reality, choosing the right path – all this was never easy for me. I was desperately looking for someone to help me and that’s when I found the NLF Teens ministry. The mentors were a great help. They guided me in every way. They were people who I could look up to and trust. Though we may feel that everything in life is just so wrong, sometimes, the need isn’t just to fix something but to set in place a right direction. And they taught me how to do it! The lessons about the various challenges that we face in real life and how to deal with it made me stronger than ever. Thank God I found the NLF Teens Ministry. Facing challenges and going through life is so much easier now!
Teena Thomas