Teen’s Hangout

The Teenage Years are perhaps the most important years in the life of a Christian today. With the increase in Communication, Peer pressure and conflicting messages from a fast- paced, modern world, our Christian teens need guidance, comfort, assurance and direction to navigate their busy lives. NLF Teens Ministry works through the New Life Fellowship Church, to foster the personal, social and spiritual development of teenagers. We concentrate on youngsters aged 15 to 21years. We work with a team of dedicated and energetic Mentors and aim to help our Teens achieve their full God- given potential and have an identity based on high self-worth, in their schools/colleges and society. Our theme is FEEDING & FISHING, whereby Teens get “fed” with the word on Sundays at fun, interactive, dynamic sessions. Fishing refers to our “outreach” events and get-togethers where we reach out to non-Christian teenagers. We also interact closely with their Parents to build a strong support system for them at home also.

 Statement of Purpose

We teach our Teens to:

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

Overcome Your Challenges

Channelize Your Talents

Use Your Gifts & Talents

Stand Firm & Serve